Acofusion Lighting Co.Ltd.--About Us

From traditional lighting to semi-conductor lighting, Acofusion has been shifting ourselves with and to lead the trend. We are dedicated to offer:
  • Energy saving solution with professional lighting service
  • Elegance and chic design appearence, blended with sharp, well-control quality light
  • Optimised thermal management and robust mechanical feature
  • High standard regulation / certification to make our products safer, more relible, but much easier for installation

We always seek for the excellence of our products, with our professional team work and higest industrial standards.

Our mission is to provide innovative and relible fixtures in different lighting segments, such as commercial, architechtural, hotel, residental, and office lighting, with best-in-class design and performance.

We believe to innovate, to dedicate ourselves, and to be accountable for our customers along with professional lighting services is the core value and the corner stone of Acofusion.

ACOFusion Lighting CEO  Mr. 
Jeff Shih